Celebrity hairstyle: Lights, Camera, Action and...CUT!

The latest Fashion Weeks have revealed the most popular haircuts for the upcoming springtime. The most important trait, whether the hair is short or long, is that your head of hair has to be wavy and flow voluminously to frame the face. Whether it is about minimal cuts or layered hair styles, it has to look natural.

Those who feel more connected to Rapunzel must absolutely let their hair down, in curls, possibly the long bob version, rather than the inverted. So even those who have spaghetti-like straight hair will have to commit to vaporizing them, to enhance the volume and shape. Pony tails are still in vogue, best if low ones with a few rebellious locks on the sides of the face.

Wob style wavy is best for those who have a medium length hair, that can have a curly bob variation on the tips of the hair. The crimped effect will be extremely popular during the summer, to give that savage-chic allure.

Now let us focus on the pixie hair cut! British hairdresser Vidal Sassoon was the one who endorsed the female short coiffeur-style, cutting Mia Farrow’s hair, in Rosemary’s Baby, back in 1968, a year of great change not just in hair design! In 2015 the pixie cut is punk. The nape is completely shaved. You may also opt for the “à la garçon” hair-cut, i.e. the tomboyish style Audrey Hepburn has in Roman Holidays.

Last but not least what about bangs? Well it seems like the trend of the summer 2015 will be the Berlin fringe, which usually covers the forehead up to the eyebrows. Even the arched version and the asymmetrical zig-zagged fringe are still trendy. But if you truly want to feel like a rock star, go for the really short Katy Perry bangs...those never go out of style.

The Longuette is Back New York!

The “longuette” is the French term that refers to those pencil skirts that are usually slim-fitting, straight, narrow cut and rigorously fall below the knee. It is a common creed that  only very tall women can afford to wear them, nevertheless the last worldwide Fashion Weeks have sentenced that they will be adamantly back in fashion for spring 2015. 

Spring, indeed is knocking on our doors, and with it are colorful, floral patterns, on dresses and skirts, and needless to say on longuettes! At the New York Fashion Week Michael Kors presented Pre-Raphaelites-inspired pencil skirts that seemed to be contaminated by the flared structure that was so popular in the 50s. Dolce&Gabbana’s design also falls under the spell of the Bebop-Peggy Lee era, through a cascade of gigantic polka dots; that are also adopted by Valentino’s multicolored creations.

Pencil skirts nowadays can be fun even when they have a more casual style, such as the ones made by APC and Miu Miu, or the plissé version by Burberry. But if you want to opt for a luscious sensual longuette, better stick to the sheer effect proposed by Alice Olivia through the use of black tulle. 

Just like Mary Quant’s mini skirt revolutionized fashion during the swinging sixties, the pencil skirt represented a true innovation when Christian Dior first introduced it in his Autumn-Winter collection in 1954. Longuettes became popular very quickly, especially for office wear, to overcome the austere economic climate given by the Cold War. Shorter strides were forcefully imposed on ladies, because of the way the skirt envelops the female curves. This triggers women to move with major grace. These nifty evergreen wardrobe must haves, represent a timeless classic that differentiate a girl from a woman. No wonder Aretha Franklin was wearing a longuette when she sung “A Natural Woman.”